Goggle Street View as a Writer’s Tool.

Locations in fiction are usually real, not fictional. In my writing I use places known to me. Nice on the Cote d Azure, Rome, The Sierra Nevada in Spain, Ireland, Southern England, have all featured. Even when using familiar places like these, I find Street View on Google Earth an invaluable tool. Continue reading

What’s in a character name?

Leotie, Aaron, Bonny, Lauren, Daniel, Kathy, Dee, Christine, David, Dave, Jan, Marty, Mark, Dan, Bonnie, Raymond, Don, Jake, Kris and Ria. Pat, Clara or Alsoomse and Hurit, Sam, Chepi, Kanti, Regan, Mary, Jim, Biddy, Emma, Peter, Julie. Yes this is a list but all these are names of friends, close personal friends and they’d be offended if I left any out. I’m sure they would since they are all my creations: all are characters from my novels. Three are names taken from actual flesh and blood people in my life.  Continue reading

Get your sillies out!

Get the silly out.
Get the silly out.

One of the biggest challenges faced by any writer is getting one’s sillies out, assuming one has sillies. Writing is such a serious business the writer can tend to forget to get silly, to allow humor and lightness to infect the characters and dialogue. I love to let my rudes dangle and to get my sillies out.

If it’s placed carefully it can contrast beautifully with a bit of high drama and make tragedy more poignant.

It’s too easy to be afraid of silliness, stupid humor or punning in case it undermines one’s gravitas as a serious artist.

Bullwart MacGacky from Ballyslatmuguttery famously said, “Them’s a grand ween oh pags fernenst the shuck thonder.”   Well, he does in my writing or he will. Why? For all the reasons given above.

Be brave. Get your sillies out. It will make your writing more human and add warmth and contrastContinue reading