The absence or reverse vacation.

I’ve been gone from all social media for a few months now, not on holiday but  taking a reverse vacation. Not a break from work but a break to work. My latest trilogy has been in the most important creative stage, ‘conception’ and like all ‘conception’ it’s the most exciting element of the process. I’ve almost finished the first element of the trilogy and the one that sets the pattern or plot structures for the next two. Bonny. The Butterfly Effect. Continue reading

New year plans.

SW1I am starting the new year with the first step in a campaign to get some sales action this year. I have put most of the books on Smashwords so they are now available on all eBook readers and will be in Barnes and Nobel and Apple’s iBook store. This needed new formatting from me, a laborious process but well aided by Smashwords free style guideContinue reading