The latest novel.

I finished the second in “The Butterfly Effect Trilogy’. This will be: ‘Lauren The Butterfly Effect.’

The MS is with my editor Miriam for it’s final work and I hope to publish it mid-October.

The great challenge was finding a model for the cover, Lauren is an athlete and very muscular but also beautiful. Finding a suitable model and photographer has been difficult but I struck lucky in the end.  The model is Olivia Moschetti and the photographer Tyler Porter both from Colorado. I’ve played around with the image a little to give the golden skin and hair  described in the text but I am very pleased with the results. Olivia is closer to the younger Lauren than any other model I’ve seen.

This is the final cover as it will be on the paperback.

This book is out now for ebook and paperback on Amazon.



Creative Infanticide!

The Baby.
The Baby.

I was within two chapters of finishing my latest work: Bonny. The Butterfly Effect.

I was up to about 110k words and aiming for 130k.  But I was straining. It was like pulling teeth and I knew that meant there was something wrong.

Usually when I’ve got the creative buzz on, the words flow easy – I get into the zone and it just flows. Not this time.

I stopped writing and pondered. Then I put it on the back burner and bubbled the thing for a week. Then one morning I woke up with an ugly truth there in my consciousness. I needed to do great slaughter to my babies. Lots of them. Infanticide no less.

I was struggling because the story had taken a wrong path. I was forcing it down plot paths it didn’t want to go. Trying to make it conform to certain ideas I’d had when the thing was in the creative gestation period.

It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done – I threw away two thirds of the text. Killed most of it. I’m in mourning now and cannot go back to the remains of the corpse unit that grieving is done. Continue reading

Thank you.

This blog is addressed to all who follow this blog or are readers of my novels:

Thank you, have a great Christmas if you celebrate it, and have superbly joyous 2014.

The Butterfly Effect.
The Butterfly Effect.

Next year I will release the new trilogy to be called: The Butterfly Trilogy. The first – ‘Bonny. The Butterfly Effect’ will be published at the end of January. Those of you who have read any of the Daniel Series or The West Cork Trilogy will be familiar with Daniel, Lauren and Bonny. The butterfly effect suggests that a butterfly flapping its wings in a jungle in Indonesia can change the conditions locally and thus bring about ever growing ripples of change in weather systems, such that a cyclone can be deflected thousands of miles away.

This cause and effect idea fascinated me.The ‘what if’ idea. I started the new Bonny at a point in the first novel – ‘Conflict’ and changed one small thing; the first flap of the butterfly wing, the first ripple. Instead of dying and leaving Bonny at the mercy of her violent father, her mother sends her to live with her uncle Raymond in Canada. Continue reading

What if ?

I had a kind of brain storm a few days ago begining with the words: What if.

Bonny-Ann voluptuous woman.
Bonny-Ann voluptuous woman.

I was looking at the image of the character Bonny that I’d created on Photoshop some time ago for a possible cover. It was never used. The Daniel series, in which she was a main player, is finished. I thought I’d said farewell to her.   But what if? What if Bonny had never met Daniel and Lauren? What if she’d taken a very different path? What would her story be then?

Bang! Bonny’s back. The plot was suddenly there almost complete. The idea excited me and it did the same for B when I told her so… I’m now writing two novels at the same time. Continue reading


What I do when I’m blocked? After ten novels in three years without any hesitation, I am finally faced with the infamous writers block. Not serious, I can still write but I seem to have lost the flow, it’s like pulling teeth and I am not confident I have found the right voice for this book. I’ve been working on the second in the history trilogy: ‘Beloved Warrior’ and have had two attempts to get going. The first I rejected when I noticed the soapbox beneath. I was having a rant, not writing a compelling  novel. The next attempt got going and flowed the first chapter nicely then, thump, blocked.  I usually deal with this by stopping and doing something else, in this case, editing the 5th Daniel novel: Daniel’s Grip. The ‘Warrior’ is till bubbling and I am immersing myself in WW1 history reading. Fuel for later.

I find if I try to force it I can produce work but it’s usually indifferent and gets scrapped. I must be patient and wait for the bubbling and simmering to produce the magic spark of creativity that will reignite, or should that be unblock, the flow.

This is the second cover design for Daniel’s Grip, the next in the Daniel series to be published soon.