Island re-charge.

I’ve just spent eight days away from routine on the island of Madiera. No emails, no FB, and very little writing. Well, a little writing, I was staying in a place I intend to use as the closing location in the final Daniel series book ‘Trial’,  so I had to make notes didn’t I? Trial is nearing completion. I will despatch it to my editorial angel for her magic touch and then aim to publish on my birthday, the 24th of Feb. That seems a nice way to close the door on Daniel, Lauren and Bonny.

Funchal on the Atlantic island of Madeira has become a regular bolt hole for us. B has been three times but last year was my first time. We have a week’s timeshare. The timing is perfect, as Christmas approaches, we are in need of rest and above all sun! Last year at the same time, we had six days of sun, this year we had seven. The temperature was a comfortable 22c -74f.

The view from the apartment.
The view from the apartment.

The Residence Porto Mare, is located on Rua Leichlingen in the Lido area at the edge of Funchal. It is a big complex that includes the Porto Mare and Eden Mare Hotels, all within the Vila Porto Mare resort. I would normally run a mile from resorts of any kind and was very sceptical about taking a share here. But the apartment is located perfectly on the top floor on the end of The Residence block; completely private and silent apart from the sea sounds and an occasional loud voice from the bars nearby.  Continue reading

Learning curve and fleeing.

Surviving Beauty

Beloved B and I are off to the isle of Madeira for a seven day break so I’ll be away from here. I’ve a few books to read and review so there will be work but I’ve promised to stay off the net and stop writing. After five years of constant writing that will be difficult. I don’t think I’ve gone than long with out writing since… since a Christmas holiday in Rome three years ago.

Beauty's-Price new cover

I’ve been busy clambering up a steep learning curve. I’m going to put out all my novels as paperbacks with Createspace. I will also issue my next novel myself on Amazon Kindle. I’m learning how to do conversions and prepare the work for those format’s . I must take this opportunity to thank Edward C Patterson for his help and encouragement in this enterprise. He is a great beacon in the Indi world.

I’ve also got to offer thanks to my editorial angel Miriam for her forbearance and understanding following some financial aggravation at my end.

I’ve had to work on some new cover designs for the paperbacks. This is my effort for the upcoming Beauty’s Price, the next in the West Cork trilogy.

I’ve also revised the cover for the print version of Surviving Beauty. I would really appreciate some feed back on this design. (Or indeed any of the others.) Covers are such a challenge when one does one’s own art work. I’d love to be able to have a pro do this but that’s just not financially viable yet. I do enjoy the process and it’s nice to get into Photoshop and QuarkXPress as change from Word.  They say covers are vital to sales success but they are such a subjective thing it is very difficult to judge one’s own work. I really have no idea how others feel about my efforts so please, if anyone reading this has any constructive criticism  to offer I’d welcome it. Anything but “hire a pro!”

Following a useful comment Here is another attempt at Survivng Beauty:

Beauty, cover two