What if ?

I had a kind of brain storm a few days ago begining with the words: What if.

Bonny-Ann voluptuous woman.
Bonny-Ann voluptuous woman.

I was looking at the image of the character Bonny that I’d created on Photoshop some time ago for a possible cover. It was never used. The Daniel series, in which she was a main player, is finished. I thought I’d said farewell to her.   But what if? What if Bonny had never met Daniel and Lauren? What if she’d taken a very different path? What would her story be then?

Bang! Bonny’s back. The plot was suddenly there almost complete. The idea excited me and it did the same for B when I told her so… I’m now writing two novels at the same time. Continue reading

South African overload.

Images crowd one upon another. A vivid mind film replayed before sleep every night. The ones that stick are not always the big screen panoramic vistas.


A tortoise under a bush,

Penguins Stoney Point
Penguins Stoney Point

a group of resting penguins and their smell,

Don't mess with us!
Don’t mess with us!




the fierce intelligence and menace of a pair of baboons at the roadside.

Road back in time.
Road back in time.

A sandy track leading back in time to the first settlements and farms. The scale and majesty of the place.

In Cape Town
In Cape Town

The diversity of people and the beauty of faces in a city filled with excitement and potential. Energy and drive and dignity, even in the new shanty settlements so shocking to our comfortable eyes. The satellite TV dishes on the little cardboard and tin and ticky-tacky self built houses shouting of priorities we find odd but are they?


It goes on and the images pile up making a visit with years worth of replays and sifting.

On and on.
On and on.
Wine Country
Wine Country

The writers toolbox.

Self-confidence and self-belief are essential implements to have in your writers toolbox. Without them you will flounder and be crushed in the unkind published world. For an Indie writer these things are even more crucial, however, there is danger too. Too much uncritical self-belief can send some astray. There are too many books out there that really are only there because of misplaced self-confidence or is that arrogance?

I think the trick is to counter ones one self-belief with a big dose of editorial balance. It is essential to have a relationship with an editor one trusts and listen to their advice. It’s not always going to be right and need not always be acted upon but one needs to engage with that editor. Discuss their opinions, think about what they say and ask yourself if there are babies to be killed?

It’s too easy these days to get published. So say the doubters and anti Indie types. There is some truth in that but… if you have an editor you trust and self belief and realistic self-confidence then. . . go for it.  There is a rich seam of wonderful literature available now that would never make it past the gatekeepers, not because it’s not worthy but because it’s not easily marketable or doesn’t fit neatly in a the genre slot that’s hot right now.

So dig in that tool box, get your confidence straightened by a good editor and get your wonderful words out in the world.

Free on Saint Patricks day.

The countdown to the free download of The Prairie Companions has started.

Four days to go to Paddies day.

I’ve been having fun on Pinterest and have created a few boards. One has images related to the novels. That has been an interesting pinteresting thing to create. Do stop by and have a look. http://pinterest.com/davidrory/

A Trippy Tale for children age six to sixty.

In a secret wet valley called Deeply Dell by locals, live a race of creatures spoken of in whispers by those who have ventured here. If you walk here at dawn or dusk and are silent and soft and look very carefully, you might spot a deeply or even a whole family.

Deeply Dell

The entrance to the Dell is always guarded by the special cast of deeply known as… Samurai . No sorry Salami.

Guard Pep

Here we can spy a guard on duty. His name is Pep Eroni and he is the chief of the Salami cast.  He is watching over a family out gathering food.

If you look really hard you can see them moving through the grass.

This is papa Chip Olata and his mate/wife, An Douille.  Their children, called links in Deeply, are behind. Young deeply are called links because they spend their early lives literally linked one behind the other. They even feed this way.

The oldest eats and some food is passed down the line to the youngest at the back. Yucky you might think, but baby deeply links don’t mind, they know no other way.

Here we can see a family of Deeply in their nest den. The links sleep curled up in circle so they can pass food along even as they sleep. This is why Deeply grow so fast. As a deeply grows they break their links one at time.

They grow bigger but they keep their yellow legs until after they get old enough to begin the mating rituals.

Here are Ba Nger and Mor Tadella flirting and telling each other lies about their adventures. They might decide to be mates and then their legs turn light blue. Once they’ve had baby links their legs turn dark blue.

The life of a deeply is filled with peril and danger. Like all teens, blue leg deeply are adventurous and they go places they shouldn’t.  Here we see some in a part of Deeply Dell called death valley. They are forbidden to go here by the elders. The elders are known as Skinless. When a deeply reaches old age they shed their skin and grow extra eyes. They need them because as Skinless Deeplies they are in great danger. The monster of Deeply Dell hunts all Deeply but it especially likes Skinless Deeply. The skins of blue legs and links stick in it’s fangs so it hunts mostly the Skinless cast.

A family out feeding near death valley see some blue legs down in the valley and call to them.

But one slips on the slimy sides and falls. This why it’s called death valley.

The story continues on the page marked Deeply Dell.