No more excuses.

The new study


I have been blog-free this past four weeks. I’ve not had time to miss net-world interaction. A house move is too overwhelming of mind and body to permit creative writing.  I’ve felt the lack of writing like a drug withdrawal. Having spent five years writing everyday, I felt bereft.

Getting back into the flow is not proving easy. I feel as if my tools have blunted through neglect. Editing is all I can manage for now – and these few words.

The new house is begining to be made home, as our many-years collection of ‘things’ find places to be newly appreciated.

We now have a study and a separate library so finding peace for the creative process is very easy. One more excuse for not writing gone!

Here are a few images of Glenview. (More can be seen on my Pinterest board.)







With my editor Miriam’s help – the re-issue and re-writes of the finished novels continues. Passion was released this week for Kindle.