Do you need help?

What now?
What now?

Do you need help with any aspect of Indie writing and publishing? Just ask.

I’m not offering a business service just the helping hand I wish I’d had when I started on the difficult road to getting my work read.

It’s a learning curve that never stops. I made mistakes and I learned from those that went before me in this new and exciting world of indie publishing.

I’m paying it forward.

If you have questions, just ask and I’ll do my best to help, it’s that simple.

Mail me at davidrory2@ (dot) com

Beware the keystrokes!


Here is the penultimate cover design for this series. It is a little bit obvious in terms of the symbolism but I like that. Simplicity has a lot to commend it.

A lesson for those doing their own formatting for eBooks.

I’ve been tearing my hair out with the eBook conversions because a bit of HTML slipped through unseen. When I first wrote the books, I had checked a few facts, addresses, and the like on Wiki and other sources. I copied and pasted a few words and terms into the Word document. Just a street name or similar.  So what do I find when I look at the sample on  A live link lurking!  Click and I’m on Wikipedia!

It didn’t show on Word and I didn’t spot it on Calibre while formatting. Upon checking I found three other examples in other books. The result- I pulled an all nighter, checking all, correcting, and reformatting then uploading to KDP.

I can see how these Wiki links might be actually useful in some circumstances but not in a novel.

Beware of the seemingly quick and easy keystrokes to copy and paste, HTML lurks unseen.