Cover art.

Stefano's art as used on Passion
Stefano’s art as used on Passion

Finding art to use on covers is always a challenge if one strives to be original and not use stock photography.  The recent overhaul of all my covers needed images. Most of these were found by my talented cover designer Samantha at ebookcoversgalore.  Between us we managed to create original covers that I think do the work justice.  It was a co-operative effort that demonstrated the need to create a good relationship with your designer.

When it came to the seven Daniel series novels we were stumped at first. We needed a theme to run through them all and we needed cover images that suggested the subjects.

After much searching I found the work of a fractal artist: Stefano Popovski. on deviant-art and made contact. Continue reading

Now for action.

I will, I will.
I will, I will.

My last post was about thinking and doubts… well now it’s time for the action.

Like many writers my focus is on the words, the plot, the characters and the dialogue. With my editor I’ve done well with all of that. I made a big mistake however and I now intend to correct that. I badly underestimated the importance of covers and design.

I knew I was doing as well as I could with limited resources but that was not good enough. Only the best professional design can do justice to the work Miriam and I have done on the novels so… that’s what’s going to happen. All the novels, begining with the trilogy and Companions will get a full make over. The Daniel series will follow.  Continue reading