The big book.

My great literary hero was John Steinbeck and I’ve recently been re-reading the 1994 biography by Jay Parini. (ISBN 0434 574929)

I was struck once again by how Steinbeck’s early family experience influenced him all his life. He was deeply insecure about his work. There is much talk in his letters to friends about writing “the great American novel” or “the big book.”

That started me thinking about the idea of “the great novel”. The big book, the literary striving blood, sweat and tears, heart and soul BIG BOOK!

In this age of mass indi publishing, that idea has become outmoded. Continue reading

Do you need help?

What now?
What now?

Do you need help with any aspect of Indie writing and publishing? Just ask.

I’m not offering a business service just the helping hand I wish I’d had when I started on the difficult road to getting my work read.

It’s a learning curve that never stops. I made mistakes and I learned from those that went before me in this new and exciting world of indie publishing.

I’m paying it forward.

If you have questions, just ask and I’ll do my best to help, it’s that simple.

Mail me at davidrory2@ (dot) com