The first of my novels to be put out with my new publisher: bookbaby, is now out at retailers: Surviving Beauty. This is the second edition and has been much improved with the help of my editorial assistant: Miriam. Gratitude and sincere thanks go to her.

The next in the Daniel series: Daniel’s Grip, number five, is with my previous publisher and should be out before Christmas. Then all future work will be with bookbaby.

I have some sponsorship/advertising due for The Prairie Companions. I will be interested to see if this gets me noticed and produces some much needed sales. I am strangely reluctant to do self-promotion and a brief foray into Twitter was a deeply unpleasant experience never to be repeated. Blogging is fine but very few visit this page. How does one get traffic without distasteful self-promotion and disingenuous visiting of others blogs?

Oh well, back to the writing. I’ll forget sales and think only of the creative buzz.