The West Cork Trilogy.

The West Cork Trilogy is now on Amazon and Smashwords and they are available as paperbacks from Createspace.

Surviving Beauty.  Regan was just seven years old when her mystical beauty became a curse rather than a gift.  That was when her father began to ruthlessly profit by selling her image. The exploitation of  youthful beauty is an eternal struggle of good and evil. A stubborn non-conformist Detective  Inspector of the Garda is fighting that fight. DI Jim Burrows will play a critical role in Regan’s  ability to survive and recover from that exploitation. Regan’s journey from childhood to womanhood will be thrilling and dangerous but ultimately it will be a warm and inspiring story of a young girl’s brave journey to adulthood, her struggle to survive the exploitation of her innocence, and above all – the healing power of love.

Beauty’s Price continues Regan’s story from Surviving Beauty. Regan celebrates her twenty-first birthday at Mimosa near Nice with her family and her lover David Dawes and his exotic family and friends. They struggle with their past, self-doubt, baggage, and obsessions. Mary, too, struggles. Envy and self-loathing grips her as she sees Regan, once so close, move away from her.

The physiological drama intensifies following a dramatic accident that throws all into turmoil. Love’s power to heal is tested and Regan, Mary and David face the greatest challenge of their young lives. Can they pay beauty’s price?

Blue Sky Orphan. Emma Montgomery lives in rural West Cork but travels the world as a Captain-pilot working for a corporate jet charter company. Her early life was marked by abuse but Emma found escape and healing playing in the blue sky, first in her imagination, and then in her own aircraft. Emma feels safe alone up in her element. Her past still haunts and the long buried memories seeping through growing cracks threaten her security. Increasingly she is pushing the envelope seeking escape in dangerous flirtations both in the air and on the ground in her personal, social, and sexual encounters.  Emma, the blue-sky orphan, is in grave danger. She is an extreme risk taker. The adrenalin rush is her escape from her past-life baggage. This is bad enough when it is sexual risk taking, but in the air the potential for going too far is worrying to all who know her.

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