•  People in my life not in my work. There are not many, but those here, were hugely  influential  in my life. First of these is my beloved B. Brigitte my lover, my wife, and my  soul mate. She  more than any other enabled me to write. She supported me and made it  possible for me to  devote all my time to the creative process.
  • .
  •  After we decided to close our restaurant venture we spent a glorious hot Summer and  Fall at Sandy Cove, recovering, and rebuilding our shattered selves. B would swim most  days and the first image here is her discovering she really needed a wet-suit.
  • .
  •  Swimming back from the island. Watching B swim was always a slightly anxious time  for me.  I recall with horrible clarity one day when I lost sight of her and came out on  the balcony to  search. I could not see her and began to plan a rescue. I ran down to the  slip and searched  again. I breathed again when she waved at me from the island. She’d  been sitting near a rock.  Her dark grey wet-suit made her invisible. A heart stopper!
  • .
  •  The other female in this image is my daughter Ria. Here we are choosing her favourite food,  cheese, in the wonderful food market in Cork known bizarrely as the: English Market. Ria lives  in Belfast and runs her own multi-media gallery. A big struggle. It means I must go there more  often than I am comfortable with. Apparently it is a cool  happening city now but there are too  many ghosts there for me ever to be relaxed.
  •  Ria has inspired a few of my characters and I’ve used her name for others. She is a vegetarian,  which is a challenge for her old Pa, who rarely eats anything without a face!

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