About me.

Welcome to my blog.

I hope you may be here as a reader of my novels. If so these images and words will be familiar. If you are new, I hope you find interest and may be tempted to read my work. In any case, welcome.

Me and crush.

Yes this is me as a painfully shy lad of four nursing my first big crush! Isn’t she just so hugely blond and splendid? I’ve no idea now who she is but a reader said she was the inspiration for the Lauren character in the Daniel Series and the West Cork Trilogy.

It’s not in my nature to speak fondly of myself, I’m all about the work, the words, the story telling. Here is the bio I use in the books:


DROAvitarBorn and raised in Belfast until troubles and tribal violence drove him away, David grew to be a non-conformist unsettled world-wanderer. He found peace and his true calling as a storyteller in the Irish tradition and now lives in a vast art and book filled house on the side of the Silvermine mountains in Ireland. Beloved-Brigitte shares his life here. David Rory O’Neill has written twenty four books and more are bubbling and brewing.

My stories are very particular, they tend to not sit well in any one genre. Literary fiction seems a catch all that works, since it suggests character driven stories that explore warm humanity and what drives people. I do write thrillers and they all include a strong romantic and erotic element. It’s been said that my characters are alternative in their outlook but they remain strongly moral and sure about right and wrong. I never  indulge in gratuitous violence or abusive sexual content. My aim is to entertain but also to provoke, gently, softly and a little subversively new ways of seeing events and ways of living. I am a child of the sixties and those old hippy values about love, respect, individuality and human contact remain in me and my writing.

Most readers say they get drawn into my worlds through the reality and humanity of the characters.

The words often used to describe my work are: visual, cinematic, real, warm and exciting.

The novels are certainly aimed at open minded adult readers who want to explore the unknown, the exotic and the alternative. Having said that, my new series of novellas are more mainstream, even if they are an eclectic mix. Erotica (Animal), time warping romance, (Always Leoti)  historic fiction, (Prairie Companions and Skellig Testament).

In this blog I explore the things that inspire me, the people and the places. I write about writing a little and offer hard won wisdom of sorts to other writers. Food, did I mention food? There is lot about food in the blog and my books. Bristol cars. What are they you ask? Read and explore and all will be revealed.

I also like to take the mick a bit, there are a few satirical bits that use Shakespeare as the base.

Travel features a good deal here on the blog, since it inspires me in my writing. Most of the locations I use: Oxfordshire, England. West Cork, Ireland. Rome and Lake Como, Italy. Nice and Eze, South of France. Granada and Alpajura, Spain. Flakland Islands and Argentina. Funchal, Maderia.  Marquis and Moose Jaw, Canada. San Fransisco and Montana USA. and lastly: Belfast and Bangor, Northern Ireland.

I welcome contact and questions from readers and you can email me here: davidrory2@gmail.com

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