“What are your books about then?”

cropped-bannerwp5.jpgOne of the questions I’m often asked when people find out I’m an author is: “What are your books about?”  Such a simple question. I’ve tried many variations of answers. None are more than two sentences and usually I give only one because people’s eyes glaze if you try to give them more. I’ve so far failed to find a sentence that comes even close to properly describing the themes and subject matter of my novels. So… here is a longer answer for anyone who can cope with more than five second sound bites.

I have four groups of novels and novellas. The Daniel Series. The West Cork Trilogy. The historical with Prairie Companions and Skellig Testament. Romantic erotic in the novellas. The standard genres don’t fit any of these well so I try to avoid them in descriptions.

The Daniel Series: Thrilling erotic romance based on non-conformist idealistic characters, Lauren, Bonny and Daniel Dawes.  They are deeply drawn complex, compelling and real. The thriller element is based on the espionage activities two of the three are involved with. Historically accurate, these books reveal truths about Ireland and the Troubles, British collusion and secret service corruption. Other themes are sexual roles, love’s meaning, family issues raised by the four children, Dee, Kathy, Christine and David, that feature from birth to young adults. (These are NOT Irish ‘troubles’ books!) Irish readers tend to be offended by the stark glare of the Irish myth busting, anti-clerical, anti-tribal values of my protagonists. They live unconventional lives but are highly moral and strong in their defense of individual freedoms. Set in richly exotic locations in Ireland, North and South;  England; France; Italy and Canada.

The West Cork Trilogy also features the characters from the Daniel series but they are secondary to the main characters. Surviving Beauty and Beauty’s Price  feature a supernaturally beauty: Regan. We follow her life from age eight to young adulthood. The theme is the exploitation and abuse of her beauty perpetrated by her father who sells her image on the internet. Other subjects attacked are clerical child abuse and political apathy and immorality. All this is seen through the eyes of DI Jim Burrows who rescues Regan and with his wife Biddy offers her a new future.

Blue Sky Orphan features Bonny, Lauren and Daniel again but again in supportive roles. The main character is a high flying and feisty pilot, Emma. Again, the sub theme is family sexual abuse survival. Emma has buried her history and as this begins to surface she begins to take increasingly dangerous risks. Her husband Peter along with Bonny Dawes will help her survive this.

The Prairie Companions follows the intrepid pair Clara and Pat from England in 1905 to their adventures on the great Canadian prairies as wheat growers. This saga is character led like all my books. It’s also a romance as the companions, Pat and Clara, seek sexual freedom among the native Cree people of the plains. There is a link with the Daniel series and the trilogy as Pat is Daniel’s great aunt and he meets her in 1967 shortly before her death. All these novels have story lines that link characters or events.

The other historic novella is the about to be released Skellig Testament. This is a fiction/factual account of the life of the monk who may have started the isolated monastic settlement on the remote and isolated island of Skellig off the Kerry coast of Ireland. It begins in the year 650.

The other published novellas are: Animal and Leotie, Flower of the Prairie. Animal is an erotic romance about a sexually supercharged young woman. Eva suffers intense loneliness as result of the way her striking beauty intimidates men. The repressive and brutal treatment at the hands of her elderly father has given her a debilitating speech defect. She meets Ian who overcomes his nervousness and offers her liberation by acceptance of her defects and sexual preferences.

Leotie is an unusual experimental story that features the characters Leotie, a Cree girl and Aaron a Scots/Irish man. We first meet them in San Francisco in 1967. Then we meet them again in 1650, and then at different time periods past and future. It’s mystic and spiritual, erotic and romantic.

The next novella is another sweet erotic romance called Rachel’s Walk. This follows Christopher who lets crushing shyness stop him pursuing the nextdoor school girl of his dreams. Later as adults they meet again. She has transformed herself from the overweight schoolgirl he knew into a powerful woman, a serious bodybuilder with a dangerous career in the military. Another look at sexual roles and role reversal.

The next novels will be a trilogy called The Butterfly Effect. These called: Bonny, Lauren and Daniel play with butterfly effect idea to set these three on completely new life courses to that explored in the Daniel series.

Go on… buy one and review it and make me very happy.