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This blog is addressed to all who follow this blog or are readers of my novels:

Thank you, have a great Christmas if you celebrate it, and have superbly joyous 2014.

The Butterfly Effect.
The Butterfly Effect.

Next year I will release the new trilogy to be called: The Butterfly Trilogy. The first – ‘Bonny. The Butterfly Effect’ will be published at the end of January. Those of you who have read any of the Daniel Series or The West Cork Trilogy will be familiar with Daniel, Lauren and Bonny. The butterfly effect suggests that a butterfly flapping its wings in a jungle in Indonesia can change the conditions locally and thus bring about ever growing ripples of change in weather systems, such that a cyclone can be deflected thousands of miles away.

This cause and effect idea fascinated me.The ‘what if’ idea. I started the new Bonny at a point in the first novel – ‘Conflict’ and changed one small thing; the first flap of the butterfly wing, the first ripple. Instead of dying and leaving Bonny at the mercy of her violent father, her mother sends her to live with her uncle Raymond in Canada.

Bonny. The Butterfly Effect.
Bonny. The Butterfly Effect.

Bonny, now known as Bonny-Ann has a new life, a new set of circumstances and everyone she touched in the original series also has their life path changed by these ripples. Lauren and Daniel do not meet Bonny at a critical point in their lives and their path is dramatically deflected. People and events are now changed and the plot lines of that first series are dramatically different now. We meet new characters and some old ones too. Others never enter this new storyline. Do Bonny and Daniel still meet and have children. Does Lauren find peace and have children? Does she become Bonny’s lover?  I’m finding answering these questions fascinating and my test readers seem to agree it has been a worthwhile exercise that they have enjoyed.

Next year I will begin a big publicity drive to try to bring this work and my back catalogue to the attention of more readers. To accompany this drive there are short publicity films in production now by creativefluxmedia.  In these films I talk about the ideas and philosophies contained in the narratives and visit locations from the novels and talk about the places and people who inspired me.

I will also make greater use of social media, in particular Google+ YouTube and Twitter and of course this blog.

There will be rewards and gifts for loyal readers and I will ask again for your help as advocates of my brand and my work. Spread the word. Tell your friends about the alternative and inspiring views and fascinating characters that spring to life in my literary fiction.

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