What if ?

I had a kind of brain storm a few days ago begining with the words: What if.

Bonny-Ann voluptuous woman.
Bonny-Ann voluptuous woman.

I was looking at the image of the character Bonny that I’d created on Photoshop some time ago for a possible cover. It was never used. The Daniel series, in which she was a main player, is finished. I thought I’d said farewell to her.   But what if? What if Bonny had never met Daniel and Lauren? What if she’d taken a very different path? What would her story be then?

Bang! Bonny’s back. The plot was suddenly there almost complete. The idea excited me and it did the same for B when I told her so… I’m now writing two novels at the same time.

I jump from one to the other with no problem. ‘Skellig Testament’ is very different from ‘Bonny’ so I’ve had no issues so far, other than needing to pace myself so as not suffer back ache.

There will be a new trilogy called: What If?  The first is simply called Bonny, the next Lauren, the final Daniel.  The same basic characters but on new paths, new stories, new loves and excitements, new ways of developing and all offering beguiling possibilities.

I will continue to write two books at a time, as I have a few more novellas planned too. The juices are flowing.

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