A little taster.


This striking image will be used by cover designer Sami at ebookcoversgalore.com to do the new cover for my next project. ‘ANIMAL’

This is a departure for me. A venture into genre writing. Either ‘Erotic’ or ‘Romance’ but essentially both. It will be a novella of around fifty-thousand words. I’m three chapters in and it’s flowing well. The story is very loosely based on a personal experience I had when I was a young man of twenty-two. Here is a little taster that’s not too x rated: 

At 12.20 Ian appeared from the upper stories and left the front office quickly before Johnny and his boss could tease him. Ian was in the deli two doors down when she appeared across the road. It was a fine warm late June day and she wore even less than usual. The boots were still as appealingly present as always and just as incongruous. No other female in the avenue was wearing boots. Flip-flops, sandals or trainers yes, but not boots. She wore a tiny white kilt and a vest, what looked like a mans vest. This was tight and clung to her curves in spectacular fashion. She evidently was not wearing a bra so even from across the road, Ian could see her nipples hard and pointy beneath the thin clinging cotton. She carried a big hand bag over her shoulder with a white silk blouse slung over it .

Bloody hell! She’s even hotter today. I’m really not sure I can do this’. Ian crossed the road and fell in behind her. The view from the rear was something to behold. Mesmerized by the sway of her wide hips and the extreme curve of an improbably narrow waist, he lost his nervousness and awareness to such an extent, he found he was catching up and had to stop several times and pretend to look in shops. ‘So slow, so sexy, so what? Yea like a great panther stalking. But what is she stalking and why so slow. I’ve never seen anyone move like that. Man look at all the heads turning, that guy in the Jag nearly hit the car in front he was looking so hard. Who can blame him.’

When they reached the park, she chose a bench in front of the huge Victorian botanic glasshouse. He sat down at the bench to her right and about fifteen feet away. She got a crisp white napkin from her bag and laid that on her thighs. Ian sighed, for the stark white of the cloth resting on the golden sheen of her fully revealed legs, focused his eyes. She sat upright with her back straight, breasts thrust up, her knees together and up on her toes slightly to keep her thighs level. The effect was to put tension in the muscles of her legs. Ian’s eyes caressed the deep creases and bulges that spoke of great power. She had opened a pot of yogurt and was taking small spoonfuls, slowly, deliberately, tantalizingly. Like everything else she did, it seemed almost designed to draw attention. In this case, to her full red glossy lips. The way she licked the spoon revealed a very long tongue….

Photo by: Charles E Nevols at: http://cenevols.deviantart.com/

Thanks to Charles for letting me use this powerful image that so suits the complexities of the central character, Eva.

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