Nostalgia and inspiration.

I have been busy with the visual magicians Paul and Ria of Creative Flux Media, shooting film on the books and places that inspired me or are locations in them.  The last scene we shot was in Bangor, County Down. (The location of Lauren’s upbringing featured in the Daniel Series.) It’s a very important place for me. I spent many happy hours there as a child. The joy of rock pooling and the freedom I enjoyed there was fundamental to the formation of my belief system.

Pickie as it was in the books.
Pickie as it was in the books.

The seeds planted in the boy’s imagination as he peered into the mini-cosmos of rock pools, would germinate in later life into unshakeable certainties about the natural order of life. Certainties that excluded the mysticism of religious explanations and the dogmas that so disfigure Ireland to this day.

The images of the Pickie area of Bangor are as I describe them in the books. It is not nearly so lovely now I’m afraid. The place is utterly dominated by the marina now filling the bay. An ugly ill considered piece of commercial pragmatism that destroyed the bay. 

Pickie Pool
Pickie Pool

While shooting a bit with me waxing philosophical about rock pools and the role they had in my life, we gathered a small crowd of interested onlookers. After the shoot they were curious and asked questions about what we were at. It turned into a nostalgia fest as the ladies recalled the Bangor of my youth. Indeed one had recently published a book on old Bangor. I gave them a few of my cards and we parted having enjoyed a great old chin-wag. I was delighted to find a comment on my blog that night from Dolores, one of the group. It makes me feel positive about humanity when I meet delightful people such as that group of interesting and involved ladies of a certain age. I did warn them my work is a bit racy and that got a few giggles.  The contact, the nostalgia and the warmth I took from the meeting  was inspirational.

Bangor at it's peak as a resort for Belfast's workers.
Bangor at its peak as a resort for Belfast’s workers.

The films will be book reading for each novel as sales aids. A two or three biographical documentaries dealing with the places and events that shaped my life and writing. These will be on You Tube. The edit and production is going to be lengthy and magical so I’d expect the results to be worth the wait.

One thought on “Nostalgia and inspiration.

  1. Miriam May 1, 2013 / 12:07 pm

    I’m really looking forward to seeing these and wish I didn’t have to wait!

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