New year plans.

SW1I am starting the new year with the first step in a campaign to get some sales action this year. I have put most of the books on Smashwords so they are now available on all eBook readers and will be in Barnes and Nobel and Apple’s iBook store. This needed new formatting from me, a laborious process but well aided by Smashwords free style guide

I’m taking the opportunity to re-format and re-issue the mobi books on Amazon KDP at the same time, a small improvement. I’ve also changed prices a little. The economic climate demands a reassessment so most books now cost $3.99.   The Prairie Companions introduces my back catalogue at $1.99.

The next step will be producing films featuring the novel’s locations and inspirations. These will be professionally done by Creativefluxmedia and should be shot in early spring – Irelands’ flaky weather permitting! A big media push will follow.

Let me wish all who stop by here a happy and creatively productive new year.

May your dreams come true.

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