The Mythology of Flags.



What colour is this?









What color is this?








What color is this?






Put them together and what do you get?      The Irish flag perhaps? Well no. This is not the Irish flag and there lies a tragic tale. People often call the Irish flag green, white and gold. It’s almost standard and it’s a myth. A damaging myth based on intolerance and sectarian divide.





What color is this? Yes orange.






True Irish flag.

What flag is this?


This is the true Irish Flag. The founding fathers had an idealistic idea:Green to represent traditional Irish cultural identity and orange to represent the other cultural identity in the island with white to be peace between them.  A noble idea and one we have still not achieved fully and nor will we so long as people still refuse to acknowledge that noble idea by describing the flag as green white and gold instead of the truthful and meaningful: green, white and orange.

In calling it gold, refusing to say orange, they are disrespecting that ideal. Refusing it.

It’s time we started being bold and brave and using our flag with respect.

2 thoughts on “The Mythology of Flags.

  1. joekyle April 17, 2016 / 1:59 pm

    It originally was gold, historically Irish flags were usually green and gold. The orange for Protestants is just an interpretation.

    • davidrory April 17, 2016 / 4:45 pm

      Sorry Joe your opinion does not match the facts.
      Thomas Meagher, the man who first flew the flag publicly, wanted a new Ireland, where Irish Catholics and Protestants joined forces for independence. In February 1848, he made a famous speech. He said: “what strength have I to beat my way towards that bold headland, upon which I have sworn to plant the flag I have rescued from the wreck?”
      April 15, 1848, Meagher presented this silk flag to the citizens of Ireland, and said: “The white in the centre signifies a lasting truce between the ‘orange’ and the ‘green’.”
      Sometimes you might see flags that have gold on them instead of orange. The Irish Government says this should be “actively discouraged” to foster peace and unity. They don’t want Protestants to feel left out. The Government therefore wants flags with gold on them to be replaced by those with orange.

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