It’s Astounding, really.

To people of my age, let’s say those born before 1960: life is full of astonishment.  One need only consider this – this blog, this Mac, I’m writing on, this internet, this whole world that’s opened to us now.  When I was a teen and getting into wordcraft,  books, poetry and the magical world of the great literature I discovered in libraries – I was astonished.

I was enthralled by the possibilities and the newness.  My little world expanded hugely, fed by books and photographs and films and imagination.  Since then, I have watched the technological explosion brought about by PC’s and the web and the resulting avalanche of world wide instant communication with glee and joy.

I think younger folks don’t really appreciate what they have because it’s always been there for them. They don’t rememeber when there was only print and film and then TV. They don’t recall how rare even phones were. I do and I celebrate the liberation and true freedom of expression we now have. I am a still a little in awe of it. And yes, some of the evils that hitched a ride are nasty and unwelcome – but still – sit back and think about what we can do now? Really think about the possibilities of this communication revolution and then tell me it’s not really astonishing.

I am still struggling to keep up with the speed of change. Twitter is still a challenging stranger I’m trying to make friends with but I’ll get there, just as I got there with Indie publishing. Thanks to the new modern communication giant Amazon – I can speak to the world through my novels and my voice is not muted by the gatekeepers of the commercial publishers seeking the next big thing that fits their formulas.

Yes I really am astonished and celebrate this new smaller big world.

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