Judgement or Judgment?

Judgement or Judgment? Color or colour, gray or grey, all are correct. It depends where you are and which dictionary you use.

US or English?


I had a big dilemma when I was using the word Judgement for a title in the Daniel series. Some who see this cover will think – the fool made a typo on his cover. I hope and pray most will know that either spelling is correct. I plumped for the common English usage because that’s my language, that’s what my copy of Word for Mac is set to use.

The West Cork Trilogy used US spellings as an experiment since I believed that’s where most of the readers would be.

It is not an experiment I intend to repeat. It leads to small inconsistencies that neither myself nor my English educated editor will pick-up 100% of the time.

I think we should all stick to our own usage and try to allow for the differences.

I personally do not mind or even notice if it says gray or grey.

What do you, who read this in the US, think?

What is your judgment on my Judgement?

One thought on “Judgement or Judgment?

  1. Marcia Quinn Noren July 13, 2012 / 3:56 pm

    I’ve learned to recognize the difference in how certain words are spelled in the U.S. , and agree with your decision, David.

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