Striving to say more with less.


In my writing this is my Holy Grail: to paint vivid pictures with the minimum of adjective and descriptive.

I  seek to create mental pictures for the reader that use few brush strokes. Sometimes this comes easy and sometimes it needs crafting and pairing during the edit.

I’ll write a passage that makes me grin with pleasure because I know I’ve hit the note spot on.

Here is an example from Passion. It’s not a high drama moment. It seeks to give depth to characters and prepares the reader for the drama to come. It’s a very simple passage with no flowery language but it is vivid and pleasing.

I love it when I get it right like this:

The three had a night of tender passion with a little clinging melancholy upon them as they waited for sleep. Next morning Bonny roused them with tea and sunshine even though the day was grey and filled with soft wetness. She turned up the wick in herself and burned so bright that Daniel and Lauren were filled with determined optimism. They left the house feeling good, steely and unafraid of what they had to face. They knew what Bonny was doing and they loved her more for it.

This is from Passion, the third of the Daniel series. The first: Conflict is on Kindle Select now.

The first giveaway will be on Fathers day June 17th. Then on the 18th June, 11th July and finally 14th and 15th Aug.


Some readers seem wary of series so I’m hoping this giveaway will encourage a few to give it a go. Those who have read them seem to think it’s very good and enthralling work.


2 thoughts on “Striving to say more with less.

  1. joanofarcthemysticlegacy June 15, 2012 / 2:56 pm

    Lovely, David!

    As always, I enjoy both your writing and your thoughts about the creative process. Looking forward to reading the Daniel trilogy!

  2. davidrory June 16, 2012 / 10:21 am

    Thank you , that means a lot. I should warn you the series runs to seven books it’s not a trilogy!
    I hope that won’t stop you making a start with Conflict during it’s giveaway on the 17th 18th June.

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