No more excuses.

The new study


I have been blog-free this past four weeks. I’ve not had time to miss net-world interaction. A house move is too overwhelming of mind and body to permit creative writing.  I’ve felt the lack of writing like a drug withdrawal. Having spent five years writing everyday, I felt bereft.

Getting back into the flow is not proving easy. I feel as if my tools have blunted through neglect. Editing is all I can manage for now – and these few words.

The new house is begining to be made home, as our many-years collection of ‘things’ find places to be newly appreciated.

We now have a study and a separate library so finding peace for the creative process is very easy. One more excuse for not writing gone!

Here are a few images of Glenview. (More can be seen on my Pinterest board.)







With my editor Miriam’s help – the re-issue and re-writes of the finished novels continues. Passion was released this week for Kindle.

2 thoughts on “No more excuses.

  1. Marcia Quinn Noren May 17, 2012 / 2:41 pm

    In your light filled, fresh new environment, creative juices will flow swiftly and soon. The curse of being a writer means having withdrawal symptoms when we can’t get our fix. Taking a break (being forced to, by circumstance) can sometimes become a blessing in disguise. Can’t wait to begin reading “Passion” and glad to know it’s being released on Kindle this week. You are already prolific, my dear friend. Be of good cheer!

  2. davidrory May 18, 2012 / 12:22 pm

    Thank you Marcia. I’m inspired and partly healed so I will be getting back to the liberation of creative effort now.

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