Butterfly wings, ripples and connections.


Just like in the real world, my fictional world is interconnected. Ripples started in one pond spread into another, through characters or locations or time. There are a few readers and fans who have read all my published work and even a few who’ve test read those waiting final proofing. They have all expressed delight in this effect. They pick up on threads of story from one novel that connects to one they’ve previously read and it adds colour and richness to the experience. Things hinted at or passed over lightly can be examined again and revelations occur. It is very subtle and there is no hint of the serial with teasers and unresolved endings.

This has been one of the challenges I, as the creator of these worlds, have enjoyed and been stretched by. Managing all the diverse threads that spread through time from 1900 to date. In locations from the Canadian prairies to Ireland, England, France, Italy, the Lebanon, Australia, Greece, USA, Italy. Or moving in ships at sea and planes in the air.

I have tried to ensure that each novel stands alone and can be enjoyed as a complete experience without any reference to others. However the reader can enrich their experience by radiating backwards or forwards in time to visit other stories that will be made more satisfying than if they remained isolated and unconnected.

I know I risked losing readers by presenting some of the work as a series. The Daniel series has not sold so well as the other work and I think that is because people are wary of series, thinking they must read them all in sequence to feel satisfied. Telling them this is not the case often goes unheeded for many do not read or take seriously introductory notes. It is my experience that readers who come to the series having read say, Prairie Companions, are delighted by the experience and do read more and enjoy the butterfly wing effect of connections and the richness of the tapestry.


My characters tend to be unconventional and non-conformist and their stories are unexpected and sometimes challenging. Thrills, intrigue, political corruption and collusions are exposed and establishment values questioned but all that is done as background to the main themes of my work. The human experience of life, love, sex, birth, and death. The universal stories that transcend time and place and that all literary fiction has at its core. Above all, the world I create is meant to provide escape and pleasure to anyone who peers at it and follows the ripples, and the breeze of my butterfly’s wings.

Do join me. It is a stimulating world in here.

One thought on “Butterfly wings, ripples and connections.

  1. bjmoody2@yahoo.ie December 7, 2011 / 2:02 pm

    I like the way the themes that connect the Daniel series of novels is described here – like ripples running through them. I’ve read all the series published so far – quite a fan really – and yes they absolutely stand alone but you get hooked on them and want to read more about the main characters and the lives and adventure. O’Neill is really skillful at weaving in a little back story to help give context to each new novel but with out going over old ground. So wheather your a new commer to the Daniel series or a ‘serial’ reader like me, you don’t feel like you’re missing soemthing – you just feel the ripples.

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