Just a giggle.

I guess some of you bibliophiles out there might find my last blog lacks seriousness. Well, I guess it does. This was a playful idea for a children’s picture book that I put some time into about six years ago. I came across the images while doing some Mac housekeeping and decided on a whim to chuck it out into the blogging void. Obviously the text is thrown in as a late afterthought. It was a giggle to do and I hope it makes someone smile.

My exploration of the literary blogs continues and I’m enjoying the journey and meeting some lovely people. I am struck by how often I see reviews of mega-star writers like Stephen King. I’d not have thought they needed much help or encouragement.

I game across a lovely blog that spoke of the power of love to heal and empower. There was a picture of the little dancer by Degas. http://bookbabie.com/2011/11/15/love-rules/

That made me think of the beloved B. So here she is in all her glory. My dancing muse and inspiration.

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