In this past few weeks I have been touring the literature blogs looking for inspiration and ideas about how to do blogging well. In particular I’ve been actively seeking reviewers that I might respect. I’ve been asking, politely, not in a pushy way, if they would consider reviewing one of my novels. All the reviews I’ve had on Amazon and so on have been genuine buyers opinions. No sneaky stuff. (Oh by the way, being based in Ireland, I find I have a problem. My readership is either UK, US or Irish. But reviews from UK based readers will not show up on, only on Many Irish readers get caught between the two since they can purchase paper books from the UK but Kindle only from .com. Therefore I have fewer reviews showing on either site than I actually have.)

Back to reviewers. I have yet to find anyone willing to review. There are extracts of the novels on this blog and they’re not dreadful, in fact they’re rather good. The literary fiction genre tag seems to be a problem for some but no other genre really fits.

I find my self asking what is putting people off.  One kind soul did say he was swamped and didn’t really like to read eBooks. Fair enough but what about the other ten or so? One does not like to ask directly, that seems rude. If anyone I’ve asked to review sees this, please let me know what’s going on? I’d really love to know what, if anything, I’m doing wrong?

Any advice from other writers on how to negotiate the maze of getting eBooks reviewed without begging or undignified tactics would be very welcome.