Change and place.

I have been encouraged to re-think this blog and have come over all radical and changed the theme. In memory of a hero, the late Steve Jobs of Apple, I choose this early Mac inspired theme.

 The image in the header and here is Sandy Cove, Kinsale, Cork, Ireland. A glorious place I lived and was inspired by. It was here I first took the plunge and began to seriously write. It looms large in the work and is the location of much of the action. I should say that the ‘red house’ described in the work is based on that seen on the waterfront in the image but in reality it has no connection with me or my characters. I hope it’s several owners will forgive me borrowing it.

The content is going to grow over the next few days as I upload more imagery and words related to my work content. Places that influence me. Characters bios and images that  helped me create them and give them life. (The creation came first and then the images were found.) Things inspire too, cars, planes and techno boy-toys that appear in the work. There will also be more images and stories about me and my loved ones. Those who made the work possible and who inspired me to explore what that word means. Love – the eternal challenge of all who create.

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