Keep on keeping on.

I am still wrestling with the best way to get my finished novels out. It’s proving to be less straight forward than I’d hoped. I have advertising starting with Kindle Nation on the 19th of Nov. I am then planning more with Goodreads. This will I hope, begin to shift the work in numbers. I will then begin to do more proactive selling and still hope to have time to write the next novel. This will be the next in the Historic series: Beloved Warriors set during the first World War.

It is difficult to be patient but I have learned the hard way that rushing stuff out too early is a grave mistake. No luck getting a proof reader yet so I have to put long hours in doing  it myself. Not the best solution.

I’m sure this blog is read by very few people as yet but… maybe someday?

Thank you to any who do stumble this way.

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