Time to learn.

Thank you Bob Mayer for much needed jolt of reality. I have just read a wonderful piece of advice on this successful writers blog that changed what I was going to write here.

I was feeling down and despondent about the whole social media way of doing business. I tend to use the medium to reflect on my progress. A  public diary and a literary confessional. Thankfully I’ve got tiny numbers visiting so my efforts have been seen by very view so far and that may give me time to learn what not to do and say.

I guess I tend to be too straightforward and assume people are interested in truth, simplicity and honesty. They are mostly not. They seem to like the slick managed professional approach.

I am an old-fashioned storyteller who happens to tell challenging stories about alternative, independent, people living in turbulent and violent times. My heroes are powerful women and sensitive but ruthlessly efficient special forces type men trying to maintain their moral certainties in tribal conflict, political skulduggery and dirty little wars.

Other stories deal with survival after childhood abuse. Sexual identity healing after suffering the exploitation of youth, beauty and innocence.

Another deals with pioneering women forging a new life in a new world on their own terms. Not fluffy then. But thrilling, involving and universal.

All feed back so far as had one common message: ” I want more, it drew me in and I really connected with the characters and want to see how they triumph or survive.

I have confidence that I can find a loyal readership once I learn how to sell the work and myself.

I shall now retire for a short time and try to learn those skills.

To any who pass this way. Thank you, please buy a book for less than two bucks and join my small but loyal band of readers.

David Rory O’Neill.

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