It’s the Eyes

As she walks towards me I form a multitude of impressions but some are more insistent. She moves as I expect of a dancer: long, elegant, graceful – all the dancer clichés. There is a generous but nervous smile as her eyes rest upon me and she recognises my self-description. That warm grin reassures that she is not appalled by what she sees. First hurdle past. We greet with the standard words and I offer my hand and shake and instantly think: You prat! That’s so formal and blokeish. You should have kissed her cheek but maybe that would have been seen as an unwelcome lunge? Stop thinking. Oh what lovely eyes. Those arched brows are a delight.

I walk to the bar to get her a drink and as I wait, I look back at her, and our eyes meet. She smiles, naturally, eyes sparkling with humor. Maybe relief that I didn’t stand her up or arrive late. I’m glad she came. She said she was scared and considered not showing. She seems cool and calm but warm too and those eyes are full of something I like.

As I walk back, I notice a man sitting at the next table wearing full Scout uniform. He looks like a character from a farce, complete with too-big shorts. She sees me look, and when I sit, I say, “Oh my what a big woggle.” She erupts in laughter and it’s music. A symphony of delighted release and we both know we are silly. We love being silly and can rarely be so. We see that in each other at that moment and we let silly be between us; so child like and pure.

I know this is a precious moment and her eyes tell me we are meant to be. Her eyes shine past her fear and caution and tell me – yes. Yes, you may continue. Yes, woo me. Yes, I will be yours and I will love you. Yes. All that in a flash and I beam at her, lit up from within and she beams back until we both regain public decorum, and reign-in.

More careful now we talk but each has seen a glimpse of how we can be. Our eyes have revealed what years and baggage and the hurt of old rejections can’t conceal. Her eyebrows lift in that perfect surprised arch and her blue eyes shine with humor and passion and erotic possibility. I decide I will be patient and go as slow as my passionate nature will allow but I also decide this woman will be mine. My search is over. This elegant, beautiful, laughing-eyed dancer is my soul mate.

I was right – she was and she is.

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