VW for Bee.
Not a dictator’s legacy for an unlikely flier,
and not poem but
a dedication for a beloved B-bird.
And all the other delights and stimulants
that are the females of the world.
Valentine’s to this sceptic, is an excuse
for rose forcers and pink makers to profit but…
But it is a focus for praise and appreciation of the lovelies.
The loved and the admired, the visual delights
the soft and the hard bodies and messaged eyes
that speak promise.
Promise of pleasure in fingertips and tongue.
Lips and taste hint sent signals that rouse and raise.
The not-me not-male wonder curved
and flowing in imagination and reality.
The living art that tempts and challenges capture,
filling lenses, flowing from brush and pencil.
Downloads digitised and hot-wired to feed the need.
Not the porn, no not the porn but the beauty.
The porn, what’s porn, no let’s not judge rant,
but feed the mind with the universe of love
and desire for the females all,
who delight and fill with their not-maleness not-brutishness,
fair soft hardness and gentle hard making love.
Celebrate their femaleness in all it different glory.
Toast their gifts in pink bubbles if you must
but appreciated gently
not porn-brutal
Hold the not-us close and gentle stroke and feel
fondle with eyes and words and thoughts
the fabulous exotic erotic girls and women
and most of all my woman
my not owned, gifted given, my goodness
given to me
my worshiped
my B.